There is a fascinating, very talented young artist who paints her dreams on the back of the broken skateboards. When I first saw one of the boards she had painted, I was amazed; I had never seen anyone create art that way before.

The painting on each skateboard tells the story of the dream behind it. She would dream of skating ramps in the clouds, on the beach, or in the woods. The resulting paintings are always done in a similar whimsical, serene style. They depict vivid nature scenes, but many of them also feature fantastical elements.

Her creativity continues past the images on the skateboards. She likes to mix things like dust into her paints, which gives them a personal touch. Some of her paintings are done on broken boards, and only painted onto halves or even quarters of them.

The artwork was featured by the Ridgewood Coffee Company in their rotating exhibit, which showcases local artists. The café quite literally made her dreams come true by displaying her art.